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Historical Milestones

  • 1921
      Fransabank was first established in Beirut as a full branch of one of the major French banks then, Crédit Foncier d’Algérie et de Tunisie (C.F.A.T.).

      Fransabank is registered n° 1 on the list of banks operating in Lebanon.
  • 1963
    C.F.A.T. changed its name to Société Centrale de Banque.
  • 1971
    Société Centrale de Banque in Beirut was acquired by Banque Française pour le Moyen-Orient SAL (B.F.M.O.), a Lebanese company whose shares were predominantly owned by Banque Indosuez Group.
  • 1978

    ​Banque Indosuez was also the major shareholder of Banque Sabbag SAL.  Banque Indosuez merged these two banks under the name of Banque Sabbag et Française pour le Moyen-Orient SAL. 

  • 1980

    ​Banque Indosuez sold its shares in Banque Sabbag et Française pour le Moyen-Orient SAL to a financial group headed by Messrs. Adnan & Adel Kassar.

  • 1984

    The Bank's denomination was changed to Fransabank SAL.

    Fransabank concluded a cooperation agreement with Crédit Agricole SA – France. It led at first to the joint creation in Paris of Fransabank (France) SA, and to the participation of Crédit Agricole SA - France in the shareholding of Fransabank SAL. In line with its global strategy, Crédit Agricole SA exited from Fransabank (France) SA in 2007 and from Fransabank SAL shareholding in 2012. ​

  • 1985

    ​Fransabank acquired the Assets & Liabilities of Chase Manhattan Bank's branches in Beirut.

  • 1993

    Fransabank acquired Banque Tohmé SAL.

  • 1995

    Fransabank concluded an agreement with Deutsche Investitions - und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG), which led to the acquisition by DEG of 5% of the Bank’s share capital. 

    Fransabank established the Lebanese Leasing Company SAL.

  • 1997

      A private placement of shares took place, pursuant to which 5% of the Bank's shares were sold to Lebanese, Arab and foreign investors.

      The Public Institution for Social Security – Kuwait acquired 2% of the Bank's share capital. ​

  • 1998

    ​Fransabank acquired Universal Bank SAL.

  • 1999
    Fransabank established its insurance arm through its associated Company, Bancassurance SAL.
  • 2001
      Fransa Invest Bank (FIB), investment banking subsidiary of Fransabank started its operations.
  • 2002

    ​Fransabank acquired United Bank of Saudi & Lebanon SAL.

  • 2003

    Fransabank acquired all the shares of Banque de la Békaa SAL, which was sold as an empty shell in 2007.

  • 2005

    Fransabank acquired 37.067% in BBAC SAL. 

  • 2006

     Fransabank is the first and only Lebanese Bank to enter the Algerian market with the opening of its subsidiary Fransabank El Djazaïr SPA.

     Fransabank launched its operations in Sudan through an associate bank, United Capital Bank.

  • 2007

      Fransabank acquired BLC Bank SAL along with its two subsidiaries, BLC Services SAL and BLC Finance SAL.

      Fransabank concurrently purchased 34% of the share capital of Fransabank (France) SA held by Crédit Agricole SA and sold 40% of the share capital of Fransabank (France) SA to Financière Océor, a subsidiary of Groupe Caisse d’Epargne (France) - currently BPCE. At present, Fransabank share in Fransabank (France) SA is 79.21%

  • 2008

      Fransabank acquired Fransabank OJSC, formerly known as Golden Taler Bank.

  • 2012

    BLC Bank opened its representative office in Abu Dhabi.

  • 2014
      Fransabank inaugurated its two new branches in Baghdad ​and in Erbil – Kurdistan, Iraq

      Fransabank acquired and merged Ahli International Bank SAL
  • 2015

    Fransabank established a representative office in Abidjan - Ivory Coast.

  • 2018

    Fransabank launched Green Bonds exclusively dedicated to finance green energy projects.

    Fransabank Joined as a founding member of the China – Arab Countries Interbank Association.

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